Has your car reached the End of the Road?


Cash Paid for:
Junk/Scrap Cars
Accident Vehicles
Insurance Write-Off Vehicles
Abandoned Vehicles
Retired Commercial Vehicles

Is your vehicle ready to be recycled?
If you answer yes to 2 or more of the questions below, our services can help you.


Is your vehicle over 10 years old?


Will your vehicle cost you more to repair than what it is worth?


Is your vehicle currently disabled?


Is your vehicle over 10 years old and have you accumulated more than an average of 15 000 Miles for every year the vehicle has been on the road?


Will your vehicle not pass local safety certification tests?


Will your vehicle fail to meet local smog/emissions requirements?


Has your vehicle been parked for over 6 months without being used?


Have you recently purchased a new vehicle and have no parking space available for your old vehicle?


Has your vehicle begun to develop rust spots/holes?

Have you not been able to sell your vehicle privately, or do you simply not have the time to sell your unwanted vehicle.

If you have answered YES to 2 or more of the above questions, our service agents may be able to help you.

  Competition US
Receipt of Removal NO YES
Office Personnel NO YES
Full Wrecker Tow Trucks NO YES
Metro License NO YES
Scrap Collectors License NO YES
Open to the Public Facilities NO YES
Full & Proper Insurance NO YES
Friendly & Professional NO YES
Eco Friendly Recycling Process NO YES



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Junk SUV Wrecking, Danforth

Junk SUV Wrecking, Danforth

Junk SUV Wrecking, Danforth


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   What we Buy:

Not only does ScrapMyJunkCar PAY to dispose of and recycle your unwanted natural end-of-life vehicle(s), we also pay up to $5000 (IN CASH) for vehicles that are not end-of-life (premature end of life).

How can you tell if your vehicle is End-Of-Life or Not?
-If your vehicle is less than 10 years old (call for details)
-If your vehicle Runs, Drives, and is in Great Working Order.
-If your vehicle is relatively new, but unusable due to an accident or major mechanical failure. 

Example: A 1990 Honda that will not pass government inspections due to rust issues or other safety related issues would then be deemed “End-Of-Life”. These vehicles will be deemed End-Of-Life because their highest value for resale would still be lower than the total cost of repairs they require.

However, a 2002 Honda that has been taken off the road because of an accident or mechanical failure (i.e engine failure, transmission failure) can be worth up to $5000 (in CASH) depending on its parts resale popularity.



  How It Works:  

1) Submit your vehicle information online
Fill out the supplied form, it only takes a minute. Click the button, fill out some basic information, and your on your way to having the junk car removed! Anywhere, Anytime!


1 (877) 647-JUNK (5865)

2) A Tower is Assigned to your Vehicle & Contacts you within 30 minutes
) Vehicle is removed!
Free of charge, hassle and with CASH in your hand!

  We Offer:  

Property Junk , Truck, or Van Removal
This option is for landlords, property management, public parking management. If a vehicle has been abandoned on a property you own or manage, we can help you by offering you fast and free removal!

Top Cash for your unwanted vehicle
If you've got an old car that is ready to be retired, we pay top cash for your vehicle with free towing. 

www.ScrapMyJunkCar.com is #1 when it comes to your end-of-life vehicle disposal / removal

Peace of Mind
Know that your car, truck, or van is recycled the right way!

We tow all of our vehicles in and put them through a "green" process whereby all fluids are properly drained and disposed of. We are also a member of the switch out program:

"Switch Out is a voluntary program running across Canada, collecting mercury-containing switch pellets from vehicles before they enter the waste stream. This award-winning program is dedicated to safely and effectively reducing the amount of mercury entering the environment from the automotive recycling sector. Mercury is a potent and dangerous neurotoxin, which is dangerous to the health of people and wildlife"
  Take Note:  

It is your responsibility to have your vehicle properly disposed of! Protect yourself against fraud.

Make sure that the company with which your vehicle is disposed of is licensed

Ask for a "shop address"
If the tow truck driver does not have the proper facilities where your vehicle can be cleaned of its fluids, know that this person is most likely going to dispose your vehicle in an environmentally hazardous way.  You are welcome to come down to our facilities anytime!

Stay away from "fly by night" and "mobile phone" based companies.
Trust that you can always get a hold of someone who will approach your vehicle disposal with the highest of professional standards.

Make sure that the license plates on your vehicle are removed and that you inform the ministry of transportation of the impending disposal of your vehicle
This is to prevent the resale or improper disposal of your vehicle. Keep your VIN (vehicle identification number) handy.

At www.ScrapMyJunkCar.com, we understand that your time is valuable. This is why we make disposing of your unwanted car, truck, or van safe and easy. Don't waste your valuable time, let our courteous staff handle everything for you! From offering the most competitive cash offer on your vehicle to setting a time that is convenient for you to have it towed, we're the only phone call you should make.

Have an vehicle ready for retirement? Say:

 "Scrap My Junk Car!"

  Frequently Asked Questions:  

Do you PAY to remove and dispose of my old vehicle?

YES! We pay for most vehicles that we remove and its always in cash, unless otherwise arranged.

What kind of paperwork is required to scrap my junk vehicle?

We try to take care of everything for you. When you arrange a pickup with us our driver arrives with a receipt of pickup. In return, we take the keys and vehicle title. On your pickup receipt you will have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your records, with this number you can contact the ministry of transportation to follow up on the status of your vehicle, after your vehicle is picked up your vehicle will be transferred into a "salvage - irreparable" title so it no longer can be licensed again.

Why should we dispose of our old car, truck, or van? And why should we choose you for this service?

We stress that once a vehicle costs more to operate and/or repair than what its worth to resell, its time to dispose of it. We should be your number one choice to facilitate this because this is our profession. Many of our competitors do this for "extra cash on the side" - so they would only be available to pickup your vehicle when they’re finished work, this is not only inconvenient but unsafe. We always work around your schedule.

Who Do You Service?
Insurance Companies
Private Individuals
Auto Shops
Impound Yards
Body Repair Shops
Property Owners
Police Services
Scrap yards
Junk yards
and More!

  Contact Us:  

Scrap My Junk Car

1 (877) 647-JUNK (5865)


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