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Eco-Friendly Stamp of Approval

The "Eco-Friendly" or "Green-Friendly" stamp of approval is quickly gaining recognition in the auto recycling industry (and similar). This stamp of approval indicates that all recycling activities are carried out in a manner approved by the guidelines of the approval process. Scrap-Car-Towing is the founder and leading enforcer of the EFSA making us the most "eco-friendly" End-Of-Life vehicle processor in North America.
FACT: One inappropriately handled liter of engine oil has the potential of contaminating up to one million liters of water.

How a vehicle is recycled "Eco-Friendly"
Each of the tens of thousands of vehicles processed by our organization is put through a rigorous preparation process so the vehicle can be recycled efficiently and in a fashion that does not further pollute our already fragile environment.

Approval -  step-by-step:

  • The removal of the battery for safety reasons. Each batter is then put aside and individually recycled.
  • All fluids are drained and contained appropriately.
  • These fluids include: fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid.
  • The refrigerant is recovered, if applicable.
  • Wheels are removed.
  • Tires are separated.
  • Hazardous materials are removed. e.g. Mercury switches.

Once these processes have been completed successfully, the vehicle can then be crushed and/or made ready for recycling. All waste materials from this process are handled and disposed of in accordance with any applicable legislation or Environmental requirements in that area.

Nation Wide Service (North America)

Scrap-Car-Removal offers its service to every state / province in North America. We have a team of Car Removal Specialists available to serve you at your convenience. Only in certain extreme circumstances are we unable to have your vehicle towed away. In those situations, we will do our best to find a suitable alternative for you. It is for these reasons that we are confidant in saying we offer industry leading service and support.

Quick & Friendly Service

Our team of Vehicle Removal Specialists are always standing by waiting to remove your vehicle and have it recycled.

  • Towing available from 9AM-9PM - 7 days a week
  • Cash paid on the spot
  • Vehicles Removed at a time convenient to you
  • Receipt given upon removal
  • Prompt & Friendly Agents & Removal Specialists
  • All transfers and paperwork taken care of for you
  • Clean & Damage free service guarantee
  • Item removal and return service available upon request (tires, A/V equipment, battery, license plates...etc)

Cash Paid

Scrap-Car-Towing is a one of a kind service. As well as offering North America's fastest, friendliest, and most eco-friendly service, we also always pay you for your vehicle. There is no average compensation for every vehicle, however, we typically offer anywhere from $50-$5000 for any given End-Of-Life vehicle.

There are two different types of End-Of-Life vehicles: Premature End-Of-Life and Natural End-Of-Life.

Premature End-Of-Life Vehicle
A premature end of life vehicle is a vehicle that has become no longer road worthy due to reasons not associated with typical wear and tear. Theses reasons vary, but are usually caused by accidents, fires, premature mechanical failure, flood, theft, and some other reasons. These vehicles are deemed to be End-Of-Life because the cost of repair is either out of the owners budget or greater than the wholesale value of the vehicle.

Natural End-Of-Life Vehicle
A Natural End-Of-Life Vehicle is any vehicle that has been naturally exhausted due to extensive use. These types of vehicles are often deemed to be end of life simply because they will no longer pass government safety and smog regulations. These vehicle should be disposed of because the no longer carry any resale value in the used car market.

How your vehicles value is assessed:
Insider information

Junk vehicles are typically bought to be recycled. Paying for these vehicle can only be based on every vehicles lowest common detonator - its recyclable steel value.

  • Each year in North America, close to 12 million vehicles reach the end of their useful lives and are taken out of service.
  • Fact: 75% of your old car can be recycled
  • Fact: 42% of all new steel in this country comes from recycled metal
  • Fact: Using recycled metal saves up to 74% energy and 40% water consumption. It also reduces air pollution by about 86% and water pollution by 76%

Pricing your vehicle is simple, our specialists take your vehicles approximate weight in pounds (Lbs), convert it to Tonnes (2000Lbs=1 Metric Ton). We then take its weight in Tonnes and multiply it by current retail market metal prices.

1989 Anymake, Anymodel
Weight: ~3200 Lbs = 1.6Tonnes
1.6Tonnes X $80/Ton = $128

We can, therefore, offer you $128 for your natural end-of-life vehicle.

Please be aware that this is only an example, we cannot stress enough that we can pay up to $5000 for your End-Of-Life vehicle.


Licensed & Insured Vehicle Removal Specialists

Simply Put, all of our Vehicle Removal Specialists are fully insured and bonded. Out network of removal specialists endure background checks, license checks, and are stamped under the "Eco-Friendly stamp of approval" to be reliable, knowledgeable, bondable, and strict followers of the vehicle recycling procedures outlined by the "Eco Friendly Stamp of Approval". We are use the best vehicle removal specialists in the industry, from coast to coast.

Written Receipts & Confirmation of Removal

Each year, out network is responsible for the removal of nearly 50 000 vehicles, and growing. We are one of only few End of Life vehicle removal services who offer full written receipts documenting the removal of your vehicle.

Our receipts document:

Vehicle Year
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
Vehicle Color
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
Date of Removal
Cash Paid for your vehicle
Your Name (first and last)
Your Address
Your Telephone Number
Our Company Name
Our Company Telephone Number

Each receipt also officially releases our customer from any liabilities associated with the vehicle after it has been signed. This excludes any liens on the vehicle.

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